Michigan Renaissance Festival – A Step Back in Time

Milepost 8-30-15                                     The ultimate summer festival

The RenFest at Holly, Michigan, runs on weekends from late August to Early October each year.  I visited on a Saturday and found it uncrowded and in tip-top form.  The re-enactors and vendors and visitors all seemed to be in a good mood and ready for some fun.  This being my first visit – and photographs being my top priority – I chose not to go in costume.  Of course, there were plenty of costume shops open, so I could have rented or purchased a tunic and a sword.  Maybe next time.

Here’s a photo line-up of this colorful historical attraction.  (Click on any photo to view it in full screen mode.)

Renaissance Festival trio edit

Renaissance Festival portrait

Renaissance Festival portrait ort

Renaissance Festival edit 2



Renaissance Festival vendor edit

Renaissance Festival stage edit

Renaissance Festival edit



Renaissance Festival pathway edit

Renaissance Festival Knight edit




Whenever I return to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, I have decided that a sword is a nice thing to have, but I am going to avoid a kilt.  That’s just me.  Do what you want.  It’s all good.  And it’s all a lot of fun.

And don’t miss the traditional turkey drumstick for lunch.  It’s actually slow-smoked and tasty.

And then there is the ubiquitous dill pickle right out of the barrel.

Hmm… so much to savor and so few summer days left.

Here is the link to the RenFest website.  Have fun!

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