The Road Ahead

Here’s the itinerary for our next adventures:

2017 Winter:  For the first time in 5 years we are spending the winter in Michigan.  We are in a small apartment on a one-year lease.  I hope to get to the shorelines to shoot some of the lighthouses in the wintertime – to upgrade the Michigan Lighthouses Calendar for 2018.

2017 Spring and Summer:  Plans are to visit several northern Michigan waterfalls, working toward a Michigan Waterfalls Calendar.  Also working on a Solitude Calendar and a Brick theme Calendar.

I am also planning to continue displaying my photo art with the Flint Handmade non-profit artists group at the world-class Flint Farmers Market.

2017 Summer:  Big changes are coming this summer.  Looks like we are moving, but trying something new, something about urban homesteading maybe?  I will update as details unfold.

2017 Autumn:  Returning to the Lake Michigan shoreline.

2018 Winter:  Re-visiting the South during the winter but haven’t decided where.

Note:  Plans may change at a moment’s notice, because that’s how we roll.

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